A machine learning software for data science

Data science is becoming more and more widespread, pushed by companies that are finding that very valuable and actionable information can be extracted from their databases.

It can be challenging to develop useful models from raw data. Here we will introduce a tool that makes it very easy to develop state of the art models from any dataset.

What is TuringBot

TuringBot is a desktop machine learning software. It runs on both Windows and Linux, and what it does is generate models that predict some target variable taking as input one or more input variables. It does that through a technique called symbolic regression. This is what its interface looks like:

TuringBot’s interface.

The idea of symbolic regression is to search over the space of all possible mathematical formulas for the ones that best connect the input variables to the target variable, while trying to keep those formulas as simple as possible. The target variable can be anything: for instance, it can represent different categorical variables as different integer numbers, allowing the program to solve classification problems, or it can be a regular continuous variable.

Machine learning with TuringBot

The usage of TuringBot is very straightforward. All you have to do is save your data in CSV or TXT format, with one variable per column, and load this input file through the program’s interface.

Once the data is loaded, you can select the target variable and which variables should be used as input, as well as the search metric, and then start the search. Several search metrics are available, including RMS error, mean error and classification accuracy. A list of formulas encountered so far will be shown in real time, ordered by complexity. Those formulas can be easily exported as Python, C or text from the interface:

Some solutions found by TuringBot. They can readily be exported to common programming languages.

Most machine learning methods are black boxes, which carry out complex computations under the hood before giving a result. This is how neural networks and random forests work, for instance. A great advantage of TuringBot over these methods is that the models that it generates are very explicit, allowing some understanding to be gained into the data. This turns data science into something much more similar to natural science and its search for mathematical laws that explain the world.

How to get the software

If you are interested in trying TuringBot on your own data, you can download it for free from the official website. There you can also find the official documentation, with detailed information about all the features and parameters of the software. Many engineers and data scientists are already making use of the software to find hidden patterns in their data.

About TuringBot

TuringBot is a desktop software for Symbolic Regression. By feeding your data in .TXT or .CSV format into the program, you can immediately start searching for mathematical formulas that connect the variables. If you want to learn more about what TuringBot can offer you, please visit our homepage.