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Symbolic Regression Made Easy

TuringBot is an AI desktop software that discovers explicit mathematical models from data.

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Key features

Here is what makes TuringBot an awesome AI tool:

Search metrics

Derive mathematical laws from data

Creating mathematical models is difficult (ask any scientist). But TuringBot makes it effortless: all you have to do is load your data in TXT or CSV format, select which column should be predicted and which ones should be used as input, and then simply start the search.

Both regression and classification models can be generated by choosing from the several search metrics that are available.

Find formulas from data

Find simple formulas

A good model is one that is both accurate and simple. That is why TuringBot will give you a list of the best formulas of all possible sizes, discarding complicated ones that do not perform better than simpler alternatives.

The optional cross validation feature can be activated to help select the formula with the best trade-off between complexity and accuracy, allowing overfit solutions to be ruled out in a straightforward way.

Symbolic regression

Machine learning without black boxes

Symbolic Regression models can be written on a sheet of paper. They show exacly which variables are being used and how. This is a clear advantage over more commonly used methods like neural networks, which are complete black boxes.

The models that TuringBot finds do not only spill out the correct numbers. They offer insight and understanding into your data.

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